Automating Your Outreach On LinkedIn Without Losing The Human Touch

Automatically connect and engage with your ideal target audience on LinkedIn using hyper-personalised connection requests and follow-up messages that get results!
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Why Choose Influxeo?

Sales Navigator Search

Accurately Identify your Target Audience

Utilising the power of either Standard LinkedIn or Sales Navigator, we help you identify your ideal targeted audience before importing it directly into Influxeo. With access to advanced filters makes indentifing your perfect prospect list quick and easy. 

Then once you have pin pointed your target audience, it really is as simple as copying and pasting your search results into Influxeo before creating your campaign. 

Boost connection acceptance rates x 3 with hyper-personalisation

If you really want to grab attention and stand out from the crowd, our smart, AI crafts a hyper-personalised connection request message for your prospect. 

This ground breaking technology analyses your prospects profile, experience, recommendations, certifications, company, industry etc. Using these tags, it then writes a personalised connection request message that resonates with your prospect.  

This gives your prospect a real sense that you've taken the time to look at their profile before reaching out to connect. 

Simulate real-life human behaviour

Influxeo's scheduling suite enables you to simulate real-life human behaviour. 

Simply set the days of the week and specific hours you want your outreach activity to operate. Influxeo will then randomise your actions between these days and times. 

As a result, LinkedIn and more imortantly, your prospects can't tell the difference between you doing the work manually or Influxeo doing it for you automatically. 

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Influxeo Campaign

Create multi-step campaigns

Creating a multi-step campaign in Influxeo couldn't be easier. Leveraging our dynamic compliment technology and hyper personalisation features, your new connections get a real sense that you have taken the time to check out their profile before reaching out to connect.   This unique game-changer, adds an extra layer of personalisation to the connection request. This feature alone enables many our clients to achieve up to 70% acceptance rates.

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