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After working in high end sales and recruitment roles within the UK for over 20 years, Craig has always been fascinated by the ‘nuts and bolts’ of LinkedIn.

Since mastering the art of LinkedIn lead generation and social selling, Craig has successfully supported 1000’s of businesses worldwide.

During Craig’s career in sales and recruitment, he became acutely aware of the severe lack of knowledge around the topic of LinkedIn.

He noticed that his sales colleagues would come to him for advice on this topic and he eventually become the ‘go to guy’ for those who were looking to generate warm leads and sales enquiries.

It was then that the penny dropped! He thought, “why help just one business when I could help thousands of business”. Having first hand experience of traditional sales, cold calling and emailing clients, he understood the frustrations faced by sales reps, entrepreneurs and business owners alike.
Having made hundred of phone calls himself, being blocked by gatekeepers and facing rejection on almost a daily basis, he knew only too well how challenging cold calling could be.

This became even more apparent in recent times as business were struck by Covid19.

As more and more employees took working from home, it became almost impossible to reach decision makers over the phone unless you had their mobile number. Traditional sales methods were failing!

However, the daily traffic on LinkedIn had increased engagement on the LinkedIn platform. He realised that in these times of great adversity, this spike in daily traffic represented an opportunity to help business prosper.

So as we all adjusted and became accustomed to the new normal, Craig launched INFLUXEO!


We help B2b businesses SCALE by generating new sales enquiries and qualified leads via LinkedIn.

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