Are you a Pitcher, a Ghost, a Socialite or a LinkedIn Jedi?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (actually…. not too far from here believe it or not) there are a small percentage of people on LinkedIn who win most of the business on LinkedIn. These are what you call LinkedIn Jedi.

Does that sound like you? I thought as much!

Are you one of those people who knows that LinkedIn is an amazing B2B tool but have no idea how to use it effectively to generate leads and sales enquiries?

Perhaps you’ve tried using LinkedIn before and you’ve got frustrated with it because you just can’t seem to make it work for you. You’ve been on LinkedIn for years but you still struggle getting any business from it? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one?

The truth is, it’s not that LinkedIn doesn’t work for your business. It simply means that you haven’t been utilising LinkedIn in the right way to grow your sales pipeline.

You just haven’t become a LinkedIn Jedi yet!

To be successful on LinkedIn, you have to have a message sequence that builds rapport and engages your prospects before finally converting them into clients.

It’s my guess that if you’re not having any success with LinkedIn then you probably fall into one of the following LinkedIn types

The LinkedIn Pitcher

These are the people that proactively send out connection requests to their target audience but as soon as you connect with them, they send you their sales pitch.

These guys are basically practicing a spray and pray approach.

They’re spamming their connections at volume in the hope that their sales pitch resonates enough with a small percentage of their connections.

Do not be one of these guys!

This is not good practice at all. If anything, all you’re doing is burning your bridges with the vast majority of people you connect with.

If you were at a networking event and you met someone for the first time, you wouldn’t walk right up to them and start delivering your pitch to them there and then would you? So don’t do it on LinkedIn!
LinkedIn Pitcher

The LinkedIn Ghost

These are the people that proactively send out connection requests but take it no further. After you accept their connection request, you never hear from them again because they fail to follow up with you.

For some reason, these people think that if they simply connect with lots of people on LinkedIn, that business will magically fall at their feet. Sorry to break it to you, but it just doesn’t work like that.

Can you imagine going to a networking event, collecting lots of business cards from your ideal prospects then throwing them in a drawer and never following up with them. That’s effectively what these Linked Ghosts do. What a complete and utter waste of time!

There’s an old saying… “your network is your net worth”. This is very true but only if you mine your network for those hidden opportunities.
The LinkedIn Ghost

The LinkedIn Socialite

If you fall into this group of people, you will no doubt be a very likeable person who enjoys meeting new people, building rapport and nurturing relationships on LinkedIn.

These guys will typically be the people who engage with your content by liking, commenting and sharing your posts.

Now don’t get me wrong, I highly recommend you do this type of LinkedIn activity however, the LinkedIn Socialite falls into the trap of never taking the relationship to the next level.

They never try to move the conversation off LinkedIn. They never suggest havinga chat on the phone, having a zoom meeting or anything else for that matter for fear of ruining the relationship that they worked so hard to build.

They seem to think that all their hard work will be undone if they try to take the business relationship to the next level by moving it away from LinkedIn.

One thing is for sure, closing deals doesn’t happen on LinkedIn.

It happens during face to face meetings or over the phone. If you don’t know howto transition your prospect away from LinkedIn, you’ll never get business from this amazing B2B platform
The LinkedIn Socialite

LinkedIn Jedi

The only other type of LinkedIn user is what I call the LinkedIn Jedi.

These guys are superstars and make up just 1% of all the users on LinkedIn and they’re the ones that seem to effortlessly generate leads 99% of the business on LinkedIn.

These guys are the ones who start out by getting the basics right first. They lay the foundations and stick to a very simple and actionable strategy.

The LinkedIn Jedi is someone who knows how to do everything that the LinkedIn Socialite does but they also know how to ultimately take a prospect from cold to sold.

They’ve mastered the art of moving their prospects offline and closing them to win the business.
LinkedIn Jedi

So, which LinkedIn user are you? Let us know in the comments below.

Here at Influxeo, we’re very proud to make up part of that 1% of LinkedIn Jedis however, becoming a LinkedIn Jedi is actually easier than you may think.

If you want to master the art of LinkedIn and generate a steady flow of leads into your inbox, get in touch today.

May the force of Influxeo be with you.