Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds great but will this work for me?

If you have a product or service that you sell to other businesses and you are looking to grow your business then yes, Influxeo is perfect for you.

If you’re struggling to sell your product or service then sorry, but this may not be for you. LinkedIn lead generation works best on products or services that are already proven to sell.

If your business sells products or services to consumers then take a look at Facebook or Instagram instead.

Do I need LinkedIn's Sales Navigator?

We can run campaigns without this service however, we highly recommend you sign up for at least a free 30 day free trial of Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator will enable us to use over 75 search filters to locate your ideal target audience.

This will improve overall campaign results.

However, it is possible to run other types of outreach campaigns without needing Sales Navigator. 

Can I get a free trial of Influxeo?

Sure you can!

If you want to dip your toe in the water with Influxeo you can register for a FREE 14 day trial

Do you use a Chrome Extension?

No not at all. Influxeo is a cloud-based platform. You don’t need to download any chrome extensions or special software to use Influxeo.

Usage Disclaimer

Using Influxeo or any other form of automation in conjuction with LinkedIn does not usually comply with their terms of use. You understand that this could result in a restriction so using automation tools of any kind is at your own discretion and risk. 

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