Is Video Messaging on LinkedIn Set to become Hottest New Sales Trend

Is Video Messaging on LinkedIn Set to become Hottest New Sales Trend

As social selling continues to evolve and with daily traffic on LinkedIn continuing rise due to the pandemic, video is becoming the number one sales tool in a social sellers toolbox.

Those who embrace video messaging on LinkedIn can be assured of setting themselves up for huge success on the platform.  

Unlike with traditional sales methods such as cold calling, LinkedIn enables you to side-step gatekeepers, connect with decision makers, build rapport, nurture relationships and reach out directly via LinkedIn messenger.

Whilst there are those who use the messenger feature to send relationship building messages, the vast majority use this feature to send poorly formatted sales pitches.

This represents a massive opportunity for early adopters of video messaging to set themselves aside from everyone else on the platform.

The problem with Direct Outreach on LinkedIn

As it stands, anyone can cobble together a message of some description and send it to one of their prospects on LinkedIn. Whether it’s a relationship building message or a sales pitch more often than not, the message falls flat on its backside due to its lack of personalisation.

Direct outreach on LinkedIn has always been lacking in personalisation and thoughtfulness. As soon as you receive a message from someone on LinkedIn you just know it’s a templated message. You can tell it’s just one of those copy/paste jobs.

So, the main problem with standard messaging on LinkedIn is that it lacks the human touch. This is why I believe video messaging on LinkedIn represents a massive opportunity.

Alberts Mehrabian’s Rule of Personal Communication

In my professional opinion, video messaging on LinkedIn is about to completely revolutionise social selling in 2021. Those who utilise this hot new sales trend while it’s in its infancy are sure elevate themselves in the eyes of their prospects.

It all comes down to Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule of Personal Communication. This rule defines the way people communicate. It may surprise you to learn that a person’s spoken/written words only make up a small fraction of their communication effectiveness.

Albert Mehrabian’s Rule of Personal Communication is divided into 3 segments:

7% – Words – Email and standard LinkedIn Messenger

38% – Voice and Tone – Cold Calling

55% – Body Language – Video Messaging on LinkedIn

When we examine Albert Mehrabian’s Rule of Personal Communication, we can quickly understand why video messaging on LinkedIn represents such an exciting opportunity for social selling.

Using words to convey a message with email or LinkedIn messenger is OK but it’s not possible to hear the persons voice or tonality. You just can’t get a sense of someone’s personality which makes it more difficult to build rapport.  

You have no idea whether they’re happy, sad, enthusiastic, motivated, driven etc. In addition, it’s so easy to misconstrue the purpose of a message and things can get lost in translation.

With voice and tone, we see an improvement of 31% when compared with the use of just words. This explains why cold calling, under normal circumstances yields better results than emailing or LinkedIn messaging alone.

I think it’s clear to see that body language has a significant impact on the effectiveness of personal communication. So you should now very excited about the prospect of video messaging on LinkedIn.

With video messaging on LinkedIn, you’re getting 100% of the benefits of Albert Mehrabian’s Personal Communication Rule. When you reach out to one of your prospects, they can hear your words, your voice and your tone but they can also see your body language. They can get a feel for you as a real human being.

It’s easy for them to get a sense of your personality and how sincere you are. Your prospects are able to see for themselves that you care about them. Instead of a copy and pasted message, they can see that you’ve taken the time to actually record yourself delivering a message. It comes across as hyper-personalised, genuine and massively authentic.  

At the end of the day, if people can see you, they can relate to you.

How to Leverage video messaging on LinkedIn

So, with any luck, I’ve convinced you that video messaging on LinkedIn is set to become the hottest new sales trend as we go in to 2021 and beyond. This is all well and good but how can you become one of the early adopters? How can you start using video messaging to improve your direct outreach effectiveness?

Currently, you can’t send video messages from your laptop or desktop. You have to send your video messages natively from your mobile phone but it’s realy easy to do.

How to send a video message on LinkedIn in 4 simple steps

Step 1. Navigate to your messenger feature on LinkedIn and select the person you wish to send your video message to. Then click on the plus icon in the menu bar.
Step 2. On the next screen, click on the video camera icon.  
Step 3. Now you’re ready to record your first video message on LinkedIn so make sure the camera is facing you, then click on the red record button.
Step 4. Now just record a meaningful message and when ready, click on the blue arrow icon to send it. Simples!


I predict that video messaging on LinkedIn is set to shape the future of social selling.

I firmly believe that video messaging is going to help good sales reps become great, help great sales reps become exceptional while making average sales reps become obsolete!

So, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Do you agree or disagree?

Let me know in the comments below whether you’re going to start sending video messages on LinkedIn.

Let me know how your prospects react to this approach too.

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