LinkedIn Direct Messaging

LinkedIn Direct Messaging

In order to sell to your highest value prospects, you need to break through the ocean of boringness and find a way to connect to them.

With Influxeo, our inbuilt artificial intelligence allows you to automatically follow up with your VIP prospects and will help you consistently fill your calendar with appointments. Influxeo automates your direct outreach on LinkedIn with hyper-personalised connection requests and follow-up messages.

Once your profile is campaign ready, Influxeo will help you boost your campaigns’ conversion rates. Our customers typically get from 30% to 70% connection acceptance rates and over 40% response rates, translating into 15-30 meetings booked per month, on average.

Have a look at our pricing options to discover which version of Influxeo will suit your needs…

£150 p/m

  • Access to proven messaging templates and outreach strategies for lead generation
  • Ongoing support
  • Unlimited actions
  • Fully supported onboarding process
  • 100+ connection requests per week using email
  • CRM integrations (Zapier Account Required)
  • Dedicated account manager and ongoing support

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